Done this, done that, done that (2)

After five years the Wetropolis project is ( as good as) finished. And the TwenteUniversity Discovery classes and the Saxion Fieldlab are finished for this school year as well. Teaching will continue in the fall but for now i have the luxury of sitting down, looking back, and do things without a hurry or stress.

Actually, I am picking up the first jobs again. It is good to notice, while working with the laser, I still have my skills of making accurate laser cuttings. Which is satisfying of course. But above all I have time again to do something without a predefined result. Like drawing or tinkering. Even though I liked the teaching and coaching work and I got good results with it, it is good finding my way while working, following my intuition and experience and not a predefined goal.

So I’m happy for now, and curious where I will end up next. I do expect specific things, such as lasercutting, drawing, and very probably also making my first steps in ceramic designing ( my girlfriend is ceramist :-). And there is a boat in the north that has to be painted and which requires some small repairs as well. I am looking forward to go to the Frisian lakes and do the same as with my sketch pad: sail away, see where the wind will bring me. Or going on a bike trip, not knowing where i will sleep that night.