Wout Zweers, 1958

I am artist, engineer, designer, in the order you like. One of the big lessons in my work was  that these professions are depending upon each other and experience, knowledge in one area easily flows to the other place. After my study irrigation sciences in Wageningen I moved to Enschede in 1987 for becoming better in making videomovies and documentaries at the AKI, the fine arts academy. However I discovered sculpture, welding gear, graphic art and quickly shifted to the workshops where I could work with wood, steel, ink, all tangible materials. I graduated in mixed media and stayed in Enschede, have a nice studio here, gathered tools, experience, friends that I still rely on. I built stage sets, sculptures, gave various classes and workshops. I love making things, inventing, building, tinkering. At this very moment the circle has closed: I met my former  water engineering profession and work now again with water, rivers, landscapes, making models of them, drafting. 

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