New Laser

Two days ago the new laser arrived. It’s the largest one that would fit in my studio, ie through the door. I did a rehearsal the day before with a dummy, just to found out how to manouver. Little by little Ruben, Ruud (two friends who helped me) and I got it inside, carefully lifting and lowering to get it on the dolly, lifting everything to get it on the sidewalk, using the transporter to move it in front of the door, carefully avoiding a parked car. The door had to be taken out of the post and we had a margin of two centimeter. But it was a nice day, no hurry, and we did it safely. Next day: reorganising the studio, thrashing the packaging, installing the fans and the cooler. Today i switched it on for the first time. The machine runs, tomorrow calibrating of the lasermirrors and then it’s ready to work. Already the first job is waiting for it . End of an exciting period of importing it from China, reorganising the studio and finally installing it.

carefully moving the large crate with the laser.
door removed from post for more space
overview of the studio and entrance
the two lasers, the new one on the foreground, the old one, red, in the background