IJssel model (groot)

Usefull , rather large for a workshop. Inclination of the sheets follows real topographical situation. Too costly to use for cutting / adjusting in a workshop, only for demo purposes.

Requires careful setup but works well. Could be used as base of a large demo model with realistic water flow where landscape elements or user interaction is important.

elevation x 10 and x 100.
10X: Surface to flat
100X: Surface becomes very spiky
smalle, hoge gefreesde details zijn kwetsbaar en kosten veel tijd. Ze kunnen ook openingen of gaten vertonen.
Bovendien geven ze een onrustig beeld
various tests to find the proper filtering of the spikes
Trying with water. Kampen / Zwolle is on the bottom.
The router cuts out the correct elevation .
Sea level is the underside of the sheet
detail of smoothed surface