Gorssel plaster model

Test of reproducible plaster cast model, based on AHN. Positive model was produced on router, a negative silicone model functioned as a mold for production of plaster models.

In the plaster casts channels could be carved, plaster or clay could be added. However, this was too difficult for the average user without experience with plaster carving. It also took much time and was a rather dirty process. Nice for a sculptor, others preferred an onlooking role instead of interacting.


  • dusty work
  • time-consuming
  • not easy for beginners
  • does not invite interaction
  • costly ( silicon mold)
  • heavy, fragile model


  • looks nice
  • accurate
  • can be painted
  • multiples can be produced at relatively low costs ( plaster casts)
positive plaster and negative ( red) silicone model
casting plaster model
router model (blue), silicone mold (red) , plaster cast with engraved channel (white)
detail bocht Gorssel.
The depth of the river is an estimation, as hydrographical data of the river bottom was not considered for this model