Gorssel LEGO model

Adaptation of the Gorssel model, with a quick to built and adjust model (LEGO instead of plaster). Inspired many simple models of watercourses, used in workshops (Lego water models)

3D model of Gorssel meander is modelled with LEGO
Model ready for experimenting with water. Water supply from a diverter next to the model
lego model, still more or less intact
model is altered because it is LEGO with it’s own building logic
goal: build your own river and find out what sand does


  • Easy to work with
  • can be changed quickly
  • Reusable
  • Lots of fun, especially with water
  • Many opportunities for discussing use of land, especially when figurines are used, symbolic forms (serious play type workshop)


  • Complete rebuilding of the model possible
  • Lego bricks push solutions in a certain direction (known use)
  • Bricks relativey large
  • Discrete levels (due to thickness of brick), smooth transitions not easy

Possible use:

  • Engaging, especially children
  • Very interactive
  • Lego serious play (symbolic use) like use,
  • Especially in combination with maps, other more refined models like the CNC routes (static) model
  • Useful after an introduction about the topic, otherwise lots of fun but off-topic.