Fieldlab 2021 experiment 

IN 2021 we did a couple of experiments in Fieldlab. The students had to produce a working 3D model and Wowlab was available as workshop with laser, tools, workbenches, pumps etcetera.

PDF about fieldlab 2021: students assist in designing and building water models

Ariensplein group

Investigating feasibility of use of groundwater as grey water in Saxion building Enschede: making a transparant subsoil model of aquifer (sand) and impermeable (clay) layer

Wadi group

demo model of a Wadi for buffering excess rainwater in Enschede

Boddenkamp group

Test of making a working subsoil model with non homogenous hydraulic conductivity. Lasercut, layered model

Melkhal group

determining feasibility of storing rainwater in former cheesefactory tanks

Use of rainwater to clean glass roof of Melkhal. Study for various cleaning agents

Groundwater group

Visualisation of groundwater under the glacial ridge ( stuwwal Twente, Lonnekerberg)

YouTube filmpje bouwen hele shaw cel

YouTube filmpje van grondwaterstroming

see also NVON article: Bewegend water in de ondergrond.

Zweers & Wietsma: NVOX 2021 nr 10