Lifting the table

a 500kg, 3 by 1,2 m optical table has to be transported from the University, second floor, via a small elevator, to Wowlab. There it will function as a flat and stable base for constructions, experiments and demo's.

(Why didn't they include a proper elevator and big doors when they built the lab? It will not be the only large thing that has to be transported. It got there through a hole in the wall they told me.)

This table was used as an optical experiments table. It has a flat and extremely stable surface and holes are drilled every inch or so to provide a fixing point for constructions.

for safe lifting and tilting several tools are needed, amongst winches, pulleys, shackles. Two beams were prepared for lifting. They will form a ring around the table with a picking point (the rings)

many sketches and a simulation of the lifting were made. not only to find out weather it works, also to minimise the material and construction expenses.

and the construction in Rhino

The realised structure with the winch:


(June 16th: ongoing...)