Building a simple DLP printer from scratch

DLP printing (digital light projection) is a form of 3D printing.

It works with a lightsource (videobeamer or laser), a fotosensitive emulsion and a platform that can be lowered step by step.

It is a different way of printing than extrusion printing. It offers different possibilities, such as other support, geometrie and surface.


In Wowlab we wanted to see what is possible. A cheap projector and some electronics, plywood and free software were needed.

The first results are ready now and do look promising, however the resolution (around 0.2 mm) is way below the expected (should be 10 times better).

Nice surprises were the more fluid look, and less CNC-look of the results. Which is something to explore further.

For now it seems to be more related to sedimentation, and it resembles more to organic and natural ways of growing structures.

The building plans will be published on grabcad and github later