Wowlab laserworkshop

- Lasercutting and -engraving workshop.

10 pers max persons. (age 12-up)

time: sep 17, 14 - 17 h

costs: 15 euro plus material.

location: Wowlab, stroinksbleekweg 4a, 7523ZL Enschede

tel: 06 23020257 or mail


Workshop about working with lasercutter.

The laser is easy and fun to work with and prepare designs for. The high speed and low costs of the laser are great for creative work and experimenting.

Base of the workshop is getting to know the laser and what you can do with it. We use the results of last try out workshops and provide worked out examples for them who want to follow an instruction as well as opportunity to work out your own projects.

We use mostly paper, felt and thin plywood for convenience and their low price. Acrylics will be demonstrated. I already know that some participants want to work with blockprinting laser engraved pictures and print with cutout shapes. An etching press, ink and printing utensils are available for this purpose. Possible other subjects are making good tab and slot connectors, folding lines, making a lay out for cutting, line width variations, organising the work efficiently.

After this workshop you can make your own laser designs and use the laser of Wowlab or go for the bigger laser at Fablab Saxion Enschede or Leering Enschede (Stainless steel! Yes!). Or order it online (in the workshops some online services will be mentioned)