Lantern assembly

Hi friends

Here's the tutorial how to assemble the Wowlab - Vulca lantern.

Make one, give one away

Have fun! And happy new year!

Wout Zweers,

Wowlab Enschede, the Netherlands


when you are ready:

please make a picture of you and the lantern (or making the lantern ) and send it to wowlab, and put one on the vulca site

you need:

2 sets of wells and the bottom, 18 pins (included) (4 for the roof, 2 for the hanger, 8 for the sides, 4 for the bottom, I skipped four of eight holes, otherwise it would become to heavy for mailing) , a piece of string (about 25 cm), optionally a stapler, and a led candle (tea candle -size). optionally a stick to make it into a hand-held lantern


Here we go:

most important instruction: prefolding

prefold before you assemble, it makes the whole procedure easier and gives a better result.


start with the walls (2 sets)

zigzag prefold the roof

fold the tabs to the inside




start with the hanger, fold it and you may staple it. tie a string of about 25 cm (optional) through the hole. shorter or longer as you desire

connect one straight edges of the walls

connect one roof edge and holder (3 layers connected)

connect next roof edges, two layers (without hanger)

connect remaining roof edge with hanger (3 layers)

now close the other straight wall

connect the underside. the narrow sides point downward so you can reacht the holes easily

push a little led candle through the hole

hang it in a tree, or in a window sill. or use a stick and make a lantern from it