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Laserworkshop wowlab

Balkonfestival Pianomobiel Enschede

BLOX Wooden play blocks

CNC routing aluminum mold for Plastic Fantastic

Schoorlse kunsten technical support of Natuurlijk werk

Stainless steel support structures for glass sculptures Saida Goriya

Architectural maquette for Nohnik architects

Door opener Museum Bussemakershuis Borne

Bootjes workshop (Wowlab Enschede)

Hout workshop (Wowlab Enschede)

Design of kids tools: good saw handles for tiny hands

Paper plane designing a simple to build good flying paper plane

Design workshop for support of glass sculpture by Griet Beyaert

Mockup enclosure for KITT engineering Enschede

Innovatiepad with Nova; designcontest at Innovatiepark Enschede

Paint box, lasercut and routed boxes

Tortoise hocker, sculpture


more about the workshops, a short insight in making workshops





Circus Zwerini: creative class Stedelijke Mavo Enschede

Basisschool Raalte: workshop for children with Curio plotter

3D printed enclosures for PC Nautic

Papercraft: redesigned lanterns "Janninkstoren" for Kerstherberg (dec 2016) Enschede and for sale as papercraft set.

Wetropolis (together with Onno Bokhove at university of Leeds)

Making wings out of PS foam with the CNC router for Clear Flight Solutions Enschede

Enclosures for Susteq with the CNC router

Lonneker Kunstroute 2016 Sculpture koraal

Maand van de Grafiek, Zessprong Enschede sculpture koraal and graphic art

chocolate castings as give aways for maker festival Enschede 2016

paper architecture blocks for maker festival twente 2016


Older: Bore soliton Splash

-Metal here

-Mini here

Onno Bokhove designed a 1 to 20 model of the bore soliton splash.

-Direct link to youtube movie here

-Hot Spot, with Onno Bokhove here.

-An experiment of Onno Bokhove and Wout Zweers, with Anthony Thornton.

test small scale:

-youtube example 1 minute

A full scale test at the new matrix square (O & O plein) at the Twente University:

-example at youtube 32 seconds

The splash, result of a bore combined with a soliton. Mission accomplished.

-more information presentation of Onno Bokhove about Soliton Splash

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