Workshops by Wowlab / Woutzweers

Under preparation for 2017 - 2018:


- Lasercutting

- Home teaching

- Transformer / "Vrolijke Frankenstein/Robotica" together with Tetem.

- Workshop theater design


see also: Wowlab workshops and: background of the workshops




Workshop location:

Stroinksbleekweg 4a 7523 ZL Enschede

inquiry: mail or tel 06 23020257



Topics are choosen according to demand and feasibility: wood, construction, theater, design, or more technical skills workshops such as 3D design and -printing, CNC routing, lasercutting, Rhino / Grasshopper are possible .




60m2 surface, tables and workbenches provided, flexible shop layout.

For children smaller sized tools, tables and chairs are provided.

Here is a tool and software list: tool list

Wifi present, high speed.


How many persons?

Group size:

The space is adjustable, around 10-15 persons will be the limit. The place is not suitable for full school classes (typically 25 - 30 pupils)

it also depends on the topic:

Lasercutting, router, CNC tools in general the ideal amount 4 - 6.

Wood 10 - 15 can find a workplace and enough tools but not if they all make large things. People working together demand less place.

Adult workshops: 6 - 8 persons

Children: up to 10

Personalised workshops and toko: 4 - 15 (depending topic and work method)

Outdoor working is possible but limited and tables must be put outside. Most tools must stay indoor and sound might be disturbing for the cafe terrace next door. For children the Roombeek offers a possibility for testing the boats.

Eventually a neighbour studio may be used as extra space, in limited cases and upon request.


How much?


Pricing depends of size of group and used facilities, general costs will be divided over the participants, materials used are charged additionally.

A workshop has a minimal duration of 3 hours

CNC machines 20 euro / hour will be charged, Studio 10 euro / hour.

Coaching: 30 euro / hour coach

Generally this results to around 30 euro per person per morning / afternoon

For children workshops pricing is lower: around 10 euro / child