Soliton Splash

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NEW: the mini bore soliton splash (added oct 19th) link to youtube

Presentation of Onno Bokhove, Applied Mathematics:

Bore Soliton Splash 2010-2011

in Dutch here (pdf 1.14Mb) : and in English here (pdf 983 K)

Bore Soliton Splash:

Contents: Why making a soliton at Utwente at September 30th? What is a soliton? What is the application and how to model it mathematically. Difference between soliton and bore, what is dispersion? Relevance of modelling a soliton for science, education and society.

diagram soliton Onno Bokhove

September 2010

An experiment of Onno Bokhove and Wout Zweers, with Anthony Thornton.

Transform combined soliton-bore waves into a high vertical splash. The principle is used on september 30th 2010 in the opening ceremony of the Education plaza (O en O plein) at the University of Twente


youtube example 1 minute

It works. What can we do with it?

make a bigger splash!

The next step was a full scale test at the new matrix square (O & O plein) at the Twente University

A triplex board became a thick wooden construction, too heavy to lift by hand.

And the result:

example at youtube 32 seconds testrun nr 3

more video's of the test runs:

nr 4 low splash, bore and soliton

nr 5 lifting dam, one bore only, low splash, nice returning soliton

nr 6 good splash, detail of bore

nr 7 looking upstream to source


the opening


-click on picture for high res image-

The splash, result of a bore combined with a soliton. Mission accomplished.

A second run was also made, slightly different water depth: this resulted in a double soliton.

soliton splash

The difference in water depth was just 2 cm at a total depth of 41 cm.

Onno is about to get wet feet but he does not know that yet.

(the squares in the water are confetti)

click on pictures for full resolution jpg (4.5 MB each)

And another 57 second-movie of the same soliton splash and festivity here (on youtube), courtesy footage Bernard Geurts 2010.

Watch the original .MOV file here (74Mb). It can be saved after dowload / streaming.