The Pianomobile story    

How we build the pianomobile:

We started with an old wheelchair, cut it in two parts and widened it. Mounted a platform on top.
Put a keyboard on with two enthousiast pianists (Edwin and Wouter). Our idea: use for mobile piano accompagnement for street music. A piano is usually fixed and changing that creates new possibilities.

Built and developed together with Edwin Dertien who did the electronic part and ideaforming (Kunst- en techniekwerk)

Tried first by the Gonnagles as a platform for an electric piano. Later the wooden fake piano around was added which makes it more theatrical and interesting to look at. Wouter Munsterman provided the ugliest lamp shade that he could find. He performed several times. Geert Meuffels (Captain Krimson) also frequently plays the piano.

Playlist (not complete):    

Proefeet in Enschede (YouTube),

Night of Enschede, also in the HEMA,

Sinterklaasperformances of the music school (Sint en Pieten show) at the RABO theater Hengelo,

Rood Verlangen's theatershow,

Grenswerk Enschede 2009 and 2010

Kunst in het Volkspark 2016

Balkonfestival Enschede 2017 .

We also did some more commercial work in Amsterdam (2016) and the Hague (2017), introducing a new cafe or brand. Not mentioned we did some just for fun and help your friends performances in and around Enschede and Hengelo.

In 2015 the keyboard had to be replaced by a fresh one. It was too wide, so we cut of the lowest 3 keys, glued the whole thing together again and played on.